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Nadine Reviews

Excerpts from a review in Quiet Earth - 2010:
“I have no idea how Simpson cajoled these performances out of nothing, but there they are and all you can do is wonder. His greatest find is Lisa Jane Gregory, who plays the hapless Nadine to perfection. She’s amazing, especially as a physical actor, although she can turn on the waterworks and crank the emotions as well. Gregory’s presence is amazing. In her suicidal, self-cutting mode, she’s a walking billboard of defeat. Slouched shoulders, perpetually downcast eyes, knock-kneed legs bursting out from under a miniskirt, pigeon-toed feet shuffling in chunky-soled hooker shoes, broken nails, ragged, greasy hair, complete lack of make-up, and underneath, a simmering aggression, all make Gregory’s Nadine a character to watch and remember. The psychic power of the character comes from her unresolved relationship with her lost father, and Gregory is surprisingly good at conveying that emotion. It’s apparent she unknowingly blames herself, hence the self-mutilation as a form of punishment, and her relationships are all coloured with a kind of self-disgust… perhaps the idea behind Simpson’s sporadic use of spot red throughout the film.”
- Rick McGrath | read full review

Official Selection Cork Corona Film Festival 2008
"With its imposing tower blocks, unflinching close ups and emotionally naked performances Nadine makes for challenging viewing but Simpson imbues the intensity with an artistic sensibility. The writing is honest and there is beauty in the Tower block where it's set, rising out like a sleeping giant as a green area nestles near by. It's a harsh world that Simpson portrays - or, as Nadine says: It's a horrible world - but he achieves such an intimacy with the characters and there's plenty of poetry to be found amongst the heartache. Strong performances are coaxed from the young cast but none as powerful as Lisa Jane Gregory's."
- Don O'mahony (Corona Cork Film Festival)

The Canterville Ghost Reviews and Interviews

Performance - Cultural Festival, Guangzhou, China on 9th December 2008
Excerpts from article written for Guangdong University of Foreign Studies periodical:

“TNT Theater Britain presented Oscar Wilde's comic masterpiece Canterville Ghost last Monday evening in Yunshan Auditorium on GDUFS North Campus. Despite cold weather, an appreciative audience filled the hall for the cultural feast.”

“A distinguishing feature of the performance was the interweaving of musical elements. The four actors are all excellent singers and the song lyrics conveyed history, culture, life, love and other important elements of the story. The songs ranged in form from opera to rock and roll.”

“In an interview granted after the performance, the actors explained that though they all are British, those playing the American characters had to assume American accents. Miss Lisa Jane Gregory, who played Virginia Otis, told us that for her it was not difficult. She had studied musical drama in USA, where she learned how to speak with an authentic American accent.”
Written by Maren Xiao and Rachel Chen