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Nadine – 2008  (director Ian Simpson)

Lisa Jane Gregory’s feature film debut was as the eponymous hero of the film “Nadine”. Here she played a teenage girl living on a council estate in London, with an abusive stepfather and ill mother. As Nadine struggles to find meaning in life she finds solace in the nature surrounding her in the local park but it is only a temporary release before she yet again finds herself in a world of drugs, rape and self harm. The film was released at The Cinema L’Odysee in Strasbourg and has since been shown at many of the 2008 film festivals. It was chosen as part of the official selection at The Corona Cork Film Festival 2008 and the official selection in the Ghent Film Festival Xplore Competition 2008. The film was produced by Matchstix Productions, directed by Ian Simpson and is currently awaiting general release in the UK.

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Colin – 2009 (director Marc Price)
Winner – Best Micro-budget Feature Film: Raindance Film Festival 2009
Winner – Best Director: Buenos Ares Blood Red Film Festival 2009
Winner – Inde Spirit Award: South Africa Horrofest 2009
Winner – Special Jury Award: Revenant Film Festival 2009
Nominated – Raindance Award: British Independant Film Awards 2009

A zombie film with a twist, a story told from the zombie’s point of view. The hero of the piece, Colin, becomes a zombie as the story begins and we slowly see how this has come to pass. An action packed, scary, violent and sometimes heartfelt film focused on one character as the rest of the World battles for survival. Director Marc Price originally cast Lisa Jane as a victim who was murdered and then rose from the dead, but as the film progressed she took on the role of several different victims and zombies. Made on a budget of £45 the film took The Cannes Film Festival 2009 by storm and became an overnight sensation, proving that quality films can be made on a budget. It is currently available to buy in HMV and all good stockists. It was produced by Nowhere Fast Productions.

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The Unwelcome – 2009 (director Keith Robinson)

“The Unwelcome” was written and directed by Keith Robinson with Lone Wolf Productions. Based on a true story, Lisa Jane plays Kerry, a teenage girl living with her mother after her father abandons them. Suddenly strange disturbances begin within the house and this starts to affect Kerry directly. When the situation becomes too big to ignore a paranormal investigator  is called in to examine the problem. Things begin to escalate when her mother is taken into hospital, forcing the investigator to call in help. Is Kerry really haunted by a ghost or simply haunted by the things that are happening to her? When mistrust begins on both sides a psychological battle begins between the so called victim and her would be saviours. A terrifying story based on eye witness accounts, the film looks at the study of the investigation and how it affected those involved with the case. Currently available to buy on DVD in the U.S.A, the film is awaiting general release in the U.K.

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